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Announcing Winners of the All-Electric Showcase Award

Currently, one-third of our community’s local emissions come from buildings. Fortunately, when you switch from natural gas to all-electric appliances that use SVCE’s carbon-free electricity, your building becomes emissions-free.

All-electric buildings play a role in reducing local air pollution, improving public health and helping our local cities and towns reach their climate goals.

Silicon Valley Clean Energy created an awards program to showcase existing all-electric buildings that utilize our carbon-free electricity to the fullest extent possible. The award winners represent leaders within our community who are reducing local emissions and promoting a healthier community with their advanced electric technologies and building designs.

Structures 2019: All-Electric Development of the Year  

In partnership with Structures 2019, Silicon Valley Clean Energy sponsored a special award to recognize the “All-Electric Development of the Year.” City Ventures received this recognition for Depot Station, all-electric townhomes located in Morgan Hill.

These all-electric homes combine comfort and modern living to ensure that residents are happy and healthy. With solar, induction cooking and heat pump technology for heating and cooling, green living is already built into every home. These best of technologies and high-efficiency electric appliances not only make everyday life simpler but continue to lead decarbonization in our community.

The Depot Station all-electric townhomes fully utilize Silicon Valley Clean Energy’s carbon-free electricity for all operations, which helps reduce local air pollution, creating a healthier community.

Complete list of awardees to be announced soon.

Showcase Award Amounts

The following are the award amounts for the different types of project, if selected as an awardee.


* Additional $1,000 bonus for multifamily projects that qualify as affordable housing (see supporting documentation requirements in the application)


Pathway to an All-Electric Showcase Award

To successfully complete an application for an All-Electric Showcase Award, review the eligibility criteria, review program terms and conditions, review SVCE evaluation metrics, submit an application and sign via DocuSign. Then just complete some follow-up activities to receive your award! Prior to submitting an application make sure to read through each step of the process to ensure that the application is completed thoroughly.

Step 1

Ensure you are eligible to apply for the award. To be considered for the award, projects and applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria below.

  • Meets minimum eligibility criteria
  • Relevance of the project and appliances to help influence future all-electric design decisions; awarded projects will be used to encourage other customers to pursue all-electric buildings, so they should include modern and relevant technologies
  • Innovative components that are interesting, impactful and worthy of showcasing
  • The narrative surrounding the decision to make this project all-electric, as outlined in the responses to the questions in the application
  • Physical location of the project – SVCE will attempt to ensure that all areas in our service territory are represented by the awardees
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Step 2

Apply for the All-Electric Showcase Award by submitting a completed online application (found at the bottom of the page). Make sure to complete each required question and include all required attachments in order to be considered for the award.

After submitting this application, the Applicant and Authorized Owner/Manager will be emailed the full agreement to sign via DocuSign. The application will be considered complete only once both parties have signed the agreement.

The application is open from June 24, 2019 to August 2, 2019 and applications are reviewed and evaluated on an ongoing basis. (The deadline has been extended from July 26,2019 to August 2, 2019.)

Step 3

After you have submitted the application, SVCE will evaluate the project using the following criteria:

Project Eligibility Criteria: 

  • The project must have no natural gas or propane usage and all-electric appliances
  • Project must be within SVCE service territory
  • All project types are allowed – single family home, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), multifamily properties, hotels, offices, retail, restaurants, district heating systems, and other non-residential
  • The project also must have a need for space heating, water heating or cooking (that could have been met with natural gas)

Application Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Only one application allowed per project
  • The authorized owner or manager of the property must approve the application

Applicant and Authorized Owner/Manager agrees to the Terms and Conditions 

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Step 4

SVCE will notify applicants via email if they are selected as a potential awardee. For each selected project, the applicant may need to work with SVCE to complete the following activities within a designated time period:

  • Interviews
  • Project site visit
  • Project photo and/or video shoot
  • Provide additional documentation, if requested

SVCE will work with the applicant to complete these activities.

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Step 5

Receive your award! SVCE will send a check to the awardee after the follow-up activities are completed. In addition, SVCE will include information about the awarded projects on our website.

SVCE will select projects from our list of awardees to create more detailed profiles about the project and applicant, including project photos and/or video and responses to the application questions and interviews. The project profiles will be published on communication outlets including, but not limited to:

  • Web pages
  • Newsletter
  • Advertisements
  • Printed materials
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