Battaglia Ranch Tree Farm

Spreading wintertime cheer all with clean electricity

upclose image of white christmas tree

With the winter season upon us, scarves are out, hot chocolate is on the stove and the Battaglia Ranch Tree Farm is bustling. Battaglia Ranch Tree Farm is located in San Martin, CA and has been family-owned since 1967. We sat down with owner Ed Battaglia and talked about the ranch receiving carbon-free electricity from Silicon Valley Clean Energy, Ed wants to see what is happening locally have a global influence. Ed reflects, “I remember back in the 50’s and 60’s you could see gray all over as the pollution was so bad. But now the air has cleaned up considerably, I have noticed, and clean energy is important [for that].”

It all started with Ed Battaglia and his brother Paul at the ages of 15 and 17. They started selling Christmas trees at a little tree lot they set up in the Berryessa area of San Jose. As more and more folks started buying their trees the business expanded and they started growing trees in San Martin as well as getting trees from Oregon. Now Ed reflects on his favorite part of the business, “You can put a little tree in the ground, 12 inches tall. Nurture it, water it, care for it and four years later you have a nice 7-8 foot tree ready to cut.”

“Community means a lot to us,” Ed Battaglia stated. Battalia Ranch provides Christmas trees for local elementary school events and to local families in need. This year they have also donated about 400 trees to Trees for Troops, an important cause for the ranch as Paul Battaglia is a veteran himself.

We want to thank Battaglia Ranch for being part of our community and spreading wintertime cheer to San Martin and beyond!

Ed and Joanne Battaglia standing in front of Christmas tree and train with American Flag waving
large christmas trees growing
Ed and Joanne Battaglia on the train