You’re one step closer to taking an action that will help change the world.

There are so many things you can do today to make a big difference for our future. Use your clean energy to power your entire home, car and appliances. Save money and protect the earth.


Change starts with clean electricity.

Now that you’re using carbon-free GreenStart, you can power your electric vehicle and high-efficiency electric home applicances with it and further reduce emissions. Explore other clean energy options like 100% renewable GreenPrime or your own solar plus battery system.


And fueling your car.

Gas vehicles are the largest source of harmful emissions in Silicon Valley. Switching to an electric vehicle powered with clean electricity is often the single biggest action one can take to protect the planet, and doesn’t require sacrificing comfort or fun. You can save money too. Take charge and lead the way to kick fossil fuels for good.


And powering your home.

It’s not just the air outside. If you’re still burning fossil fuels at home, it’s time to quit. Nearly one-quarter of all local emissions come from natural gas used to heat water and indoor air. Switch to appliances that run on clean electricity. Remove pollutants causing poor air quality in your home and help build a clean energy future.

Ready to change the world?

We are here to help. Use our partners’ services to choose the best clean energy actions for you.


Electric Vehicle Assistant

Browse and compare cars, discover incentives, and calculate your financial and emissions savings when you drive an EV. Also, explore charging options for home and on the road, all with the EV Assistant.

Electric-at-home-photo-by-Becca Tapert


Building, doing a major remodel or replacing appliances? Explore a wide variety of all-electric home appliances. Browse and compare with efficiency scores, explore customer reviews, track prices and even find an installer. It’s all here.


Solar + Battery Assistant

Discover your options for a home solar system. Work with dedicated Solar Advisors to get multiple bids, understand financing options and learn how battery storage can benefit you with the Solar + Battery Assistant.

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