Upgrade to GreenPrime

Choose GreenPrime, SVCE’s 100% renewable generation service, and be at the forefront of our community’s commitment to a clean energy future. GreenPrime is generated from 100% renewable, carbon-free sources, primarily wind and solar farms in California and on the western grid.

If you are currently enrolled as a Silicon Valley Clean Energy GreenStart customer, you can upgrade your service at any time to GreenPrime, SVCE’s premium 100% renewable and carbon-free electric generation service.

Enroll Early with GreenPrime

If you are a solar customer, and not scheduled for enrollment until your annual true-up date, you can enroll early by signing up for GreenPrime, SVCE’s 100% renewable service available at a small price premium – with service beginning after your next available meter read date. Complete the form below for GreenPrime service.

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