GridShift: EV Charging

Automate your EV charging to use the cheapest, greenest energy on the grid.

Put Your Car in Charge

As part of Innovation Onramp, SVCE is launching a new electric vehicle (EV) charging pilot program with software company This mobile application will allow EV drivers like you to automatically charge your vehicle with the cheapest, greenest energy available.

How will GridShift improve your at-home charging?

    • Charges your car when electricity is the cheapest, by automatically linking to your EV rate.
    • Aligns your charge with renewable energy on the grid, for the cleanest charge possible.
    • Uses any charger you have, and wirelessly connects your car with no extra hardware or cost required.
    • ‘Set it and forget it’ – set your ‘ready by’ time, then plug your car in and GridShift takes care of the rest! If you need an immediate charge, boost your charging at anytime.

How It Works

From October 2020 – April 2021 users will have access to the GridShift app. Users will connect GridShift to their EV, set a time when they want their vehicle to be charged by each day, and plug in their vehicle as they normally do.


As the pilot program begins, the app is only available to Volkswagen and Tesla drivers who are on the SVCE/PG&E EV-A, EV-B, EV-2A, or other time-of-use rate.

Charging Car (2)

Have Questions About This New Approach to Charging?

Once you download the SVCE app, we’ll ask you to connect to your vehicle using the username and password on your Tesla or VW account. This uses the same process, called OAUTH2, as you might have used to log into a website using your Facebook or Gmail account.

We will not store your username and password. Once you enter them in, we instantly exchange them with Tesla/VW for a secure token that allows us to be able to continue to access your account to optimize your charging throughout the program. This token is stored securely and encrypted in our cloud platform (hosted by Amazon Web Services). 

SVCE’s partner,, will take a reading of your EV’s battery level to calculate how many kWh of charge are required to get your vehicle to the level you set in the app. will also use the account to start charging at the optimal time, and stop the charging session once your car’s battery reaches the desired level.

SVCE combines your charging data with that of all the other program participants and aggregates it into a set of metadata that is stored on’s secure servers, which are hosted by Amazon Web Services.

You are free to stop participating in the program at any time, simply disconnect your vehicle from the SVCE app and email us to confirm your withdrawal.

Once you disconnect your EV, we will no longer be able to optimize charging on your vehicle, and you will need to re-enter your login details to reconnect to the platform. Any data from previous charging sessions will be combined with other participants’ data. The aggregate data will be analyzed by SVCE to determine the impact of the pilot.

We will not smart charge your car when you are away from home. Charging at any other locations (e.g. at superchargers, your place of work, the shopping mall etc.) will be tracked so you can see the energy you’ve used, but not managed. We know whether or not you are charging at home using location data from the GPS in the vehicle.


Any questions on the Innovation Onramp program or our partnership with, please reach out to