GridShift: EV Charging

Automate your EV charging to use the cheapest, greenest energy on the grid.

Put Your Car in Charge

As part of Innovation Onramp, SVCE is launching a new electric vehicle (EV) charging pilot program with software company ev.energy. This mobile application will allow EV drivers like you to automatically charge your vehicle with the cheapest, greenest energy available.

How will GridShift improve your at-home charging?

    • Charges your car when electricity is the cheapest, by automatically linking to your EV rate.
    • Aligns your charge with renewable energy on the grid, for the cleanest charge possible.
    • Uses any charger you have, and wirelessly connects your car with no extra hardware or cost required.
    • ‘Set it and forget it’ – set your ‘ready by’ time, then plug your car in and GridShift takes care of the rest! If you need an immediate charge, boost your charging at anytime.

How It Works

From October 2020 – March 2021 users will have access to the GridShift app. Users will connect GridShift to their EV, set a time when they want their vehicle to be charged by each day, and plug in their vehicle as they normally do.


As the pilot program begins, the app is only available to Volkswagen and Tesla drivers who are on the SVCE/PG&E EV-A, EV-B or EV-2A rate. Participation will be limited to the first 200 eligible applicants.

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Help Us Pioneer This New Approach to Charging

If you would like to enroll, please complete the following brief survey by October 2, 2020.


Any questions on the Innovation Onramp program or our partnership with ev.energy, please reach out to gridshiftev@svcleanenergy.org.