Rebates Available Now!

Get up to $7,500 in rebates for upgrading to new electric home appliances. Plus, additional rebates of $X,XXX for income-qualified CARE and FERA customers.

Get pumped for heat pumps!

Gas water heaters and HVAC systems are typically a home’s biggest source of emissions and they contribute to poor air quality in your home and community.  Did you know that these gas appliances are big contributors to climate change? Silicon Valley Clean Energy customers can receive rebates to remove polluting natural gas out of their homes and make the switch to clean, electric appliances.

Heat pump appliance technologies are extremely efficient and can make your home more safe and comfortable. Learn more about the benefits of all-electric appliances here.

heat pump water heater in garage

What rebates are available?

SV Clean Energy rebates are available for single family homes and multifamily dwellings, up to four units.

Rebate Amounts
Heat Pump Water Heater
Heat Pump HVAC
Pre-Wiring & Panel Upgrades
Up to $2,500

Additional rebates:

Receiving rebates from other programs, such as the BayREN Home Rebates Program, will not impact your rebate eligibility from SV Clean Energy. We encourage you to check out their resources.

Please note that other rebate programs may have different rules, including equipment eligibility, contractor requirements, and rebate applications, so be sure to read the fine print before starting your project.

Regional Rebates

BayREN has rebates available for all-electric technologies such as:

– Heat pump water heater
– Heat pump HVAC
– Induction stovetops
– Heat pump dryers
– Efficiency measures

Federal Rebates

Resources coming soon on Federal Reduction Act rebates and tax incentives when details are available.

How it Works

STEP 1: Reserve Your SV Clean Energy Rebate.

Submit a completed Rebate Reservation form embedded below. After submitting the form, you will receive an email from with an updated approval status and if approved your rebate will be reserved for up to 90 days.

*Please ensure you receive an email confirming your rebate reservation request approval before installing any equipment or you will not be eligible to receive a rebate.

STEP 2: Start & Complete Your Home Upgrade.

  • Equipment: Review the SV Clean Energy Equipment Specifications to learn about the equipment and appliance guidelines and ensure that the products you purchase are eligible for a rebate. Use the Appliances Assistant to shop for efficient electric equipment or visit your own retailer of choice.
  • Contractor: Check out the Find a Contractor resources to connect with local installers who have experience installing all-electric appliances. Or connect with your own retailer or contractor. We recommend you do some research and get a few quotes. You can use any contractor of your choice and do not have to use a contractor from our resources in order to qualify for the SV Clean Energy rebate.*
  • Permitting: Make sure to apply for the right building permits with your city or county. Your contractor can help with the permitting process too.

*If you are interested in additional BayREN rebates, please reach out to a BayREN contractor or visit the BayREN website prior to beginning your project. Your BayREN contractor will also help you apply for BayREN rebates.

STEP 3: Request Your SV Clean Energy Rebate.

After completing your appliance upgrade and it was inspected by your City or County, submit a Rebate Claim form below. You will be asked to provide photos of your newly installed equipment and proof of project costs.

STEP 4: Receive Your SV Clean Energy Rebate.

After submitting the rebate claim form, you will receive an email notifying you that we have reviewed your claim. We will then issue the rebate and mail it to you or to your contractor, whichever is your preference.

Submit the Reservations & Forms

Rebate Reservation Form – Step 1

Before starting the form below, make sure to have your PG&E account number and a photo of your existing equipment (water heater and electric panel with the visible Main Disconnect/Service Disconnect switch, if applicable) handy. You’ll also be asked to review and sign our Participant Agreement.

Rebate Payment Request Form – Step 3

Use the form below to request a rebate payment after completing step 3 – your equipment has been installed and inspected by your local city or county.

Why Heat Pump Water Heaters & Space Heating?

Typical water heaters and HVAC equipment burn fossil fuels – but that is old news. Heat pump water heaters and heat pump HVAC systems move heat from one place to another to warm water and the air. Why is that so cool (pun intended)? By moving existing heat, heat pump appliances are highly efficient and run on clean electricity – a big improvement over polluting gas appliances.

Your new heat pump appliances will provide hot water to your sinks, showers and washing machines, as well as hot and cold air to the rooms in your home using carbon-free electricity. Overall, this technology saves energy, improves safety and adds comfort at home!

cover of heat pump water heater buyers guide

Rebate Forms & Documents

  • Rebate Reservation
  • Participant Agreement
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Rebate Claim

Additional Resources

– BayREN Home+ Program –

– Federal Inflation Reduction Act Resources – to be added