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Unlocking Access to Electric Vehicle Charging in Multi-unit Dwellings through a Reservation-Based Software Platform for Shared Charging

Currently, many multi-unit dwelling (MUD) property managers struggle to offer cost-effective Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging to their residents with accurate pricing, equitable access, and an efficient sharing system. Additionally, if a building manager has few or no tenants with EVs, they have minimal incentive to install charging infrastructure, which establishes a classic split incentive barrier for EV charging adoption in multifamily housing. This EVmatch project aims to provide an affordable charging solution that leverages WiFi-enabled Level 2 charging hardware and a reservation-based EV charging software application to support building owners in managing their chargers among both residents and the public at large.

Beginning in summer 2020, EVmatch will provide four multi-family property owners with the support and funding to each install two compatible WiFi-enabled Level 2 EV charging stations and list them on the EVmatch platform. These charging stations will then be reservable by building residents and the general public, with the ability to set differentiated availability schedules and pricing by customer type through EVmatch’s SubNet software. EVmatch is leveraging $25,000 of additional funding from the Rocket Fund, a grant-making program from California Institute of Technology’s Resnick Sustainability Institute, to aid in the software development costs of the SubNet’s functionality to improve access to EV charging infrastructure for tenants of multi-unit dwellings.