Edwina Benner Plaza

Building the future of adorable communities


Year built: 2018
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Type: Modern, multi-family affordable housing
Details: 4-story, 66 units, 109,000 sq, ft
Developer: MidPen Housing
Architect: David Baker Architects

Additional Features

Home Energy Monitor
Colors on the device show you how much energy you use

Centralized HVAC
The heat pump is 300-400% more efficient than a high-efficiency gas boiler

All-Electric Appliances
Ditch gas appliances for cleaner, safer electric alternatives

Heat pump water heater
Reduce electricity use for heating water by up to 60%

EV ready
EV chargers provide a valuable amenity for tenant


MidPen Housing recognized the importance of developing communities that address the long term needs of environmental sustainability. That’s why they partnered with the City of Sunnyvale and other partners to commit to green building practices.

“There were no significant differences in the construction cost in building an all-electric property versus a traditional property. Plus, there are grants available from the California Energy Commission for select all-electric construction projects.”

APRIL MO / Associate Project Manager, MidPen Housing