Resilience and Distributed Energy Programs

Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) is committed to providing our customers with clean, affordable and reliable electricity.

Customer Resiliency Programs

Homeowners and businesses throughout Santa Clara County have the opportunity to participate in programs to help install battery storage, solar, and/or other clean power technologies for their home or business.

The Solar+Battery Assistant is a no-obligation, end-to-end concierge service to help you design your solar+battery installation, independently compare pricing from multiple installers, and access financing options. Plus, customers can receive $1,000 off an electrical panel upgrade, which may be needed for future electric home upgrades.

Lights On Silicon Valley

We have selected Sunrun to develop a network of customer-sited solar and storage systems across our community through Lights On Silicon Valley. These systems will provide customers with resilience during outages and can also be used by SVCE to provide benefits to the grid during the rest of the year. A rebate will be available for our customers who elect to enroll their system. Find out more using the button below!

Span Smart Panels

In a flagship pilot with SVCE, Span.IO will install its smart electrical panels in homes across the SVCE service territory, addressing several key barriers to the all-electric transition and community resilience. Span Smart Panels streamline solar and storage installations, facilitate household electrification by reducing the need for expensive service upgrades, and serve as the home’s energy management hub. The panel provides the homeowner with detailed insight into their electricity consumption and enables electric appliances to intelligently respond to grid conditions.

If you are a local customer interested in hearing about these and other resilience opportunities as they become available, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Community Resilience Program

SVCE’s Community Resilience Program aims to help our region reduce impacts of power outages from events such as earthquakes, PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff’s, floods and wildfires while supporting decarbonization and local job creation. In collaboration with our member agencies and local stakeholders, the program will assess, identify, prioritize and implement resilient energy strategies across our territory.

Member Agencies

SVCE member agencies can apply for capital project grant funds. Please note that the grant and application is only open to SVCE member agencies. These are one-time funds, to help ensure coordination within jurisdictions, the City Manager or Chief Executive Office (in the case of the County of Santa Clara) must approve and sign the application before it is submitted.

The project timeline has been extended. Regional and jurisdiction planning funding can be spent until December 31, 2022, and project capital funding can be spent until December 31, 2023.

Resilience Program Interest Form