Shared below are materials developed by Silicon Valley Clean Energy to help residents and businesses better understand our program and the benefits SVCE can bring to Silicon Valley.


Annual PG&E Joint Rate Mailer



Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) is required by the Public Utilities Code to draft and submit and Implementation Plan to the California Public Utilities Commission. The Implementation Plan was approved by the Board of Directors at the July 13, 2016, meeting.

Implementation Plan and Statement of Intent -  Submitted July 14, 2016

Addendum No. 1 - Implementation Plan and Statement of Intent - DRAFT

SVCE conducted a survey across all participating communities to poll community members priorities and concerns. The report and the appendices are included here:

Community Survey Main Report

Appendix A: Demographics

Appendix B: Methodology

Appendix C: Topline Report

Appendix D: Questionnaire

Appendix E: Crosstabulations

Before forming Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE), our Partnership evaluated whether the Community Choice Energy (CCE) model would not just work for, but also benefit, our residents and businesses here in Silicon Valley. Detailed in the reports below are the specific outcomes anticipated for the region after launching Silicon Valley’s first locally controlled nonprofit organization to procure energy on behalf of our communities:

Initial Assessment Report

Technical Feasibilty Study

Joint Powers Authority



FY 17-18 Approved Budget 

Joint Rate Mailers w/ PG&E

Silicon Valley Clean Energy and PG&E are required to provide a side-by-side rate and power content comparison in an annual mailer to enrolled customers. See the mailers below for the rate that most closely corresponds to your current rate.

E-1 Residential

A-1 Small Commercial

A-10 Medium Commercial

E-19 Commercial Electric

SVCE and PG&E agreed upon the four representative rate classes as shown above in an effort to provide mailers for typical comparisons for the entire population of customers.  If your rate class is not one of the four representative examples, you can view a comparison for your rate here or at


Please watch and share the video below, which provides great background on SVCE to build community knowledge about the program.