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Get pumped for a new water heater!

Most existing homes in the San Francisco Bay Area have water heaters that run on natural gas. Gas water heaters are typically a home’s single biggest source of emissions that are damaging to air quality and the environment. Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) is offering rebates to our single-family and multi-family household customers to upgrade their water heaters to a clean and electric Heat Pump Water Heater.

Rebate Details:

 SVCE will award rebates up to the dollar amounts described below. Rebates are not to exceed project costs.
Heat Pump Water Heater Rebates
Replacing Existing Natural Gas Water Heater
Replacing Existing Electric Resistance Water Heater
Additional Rebate Add-Ons
Optional Service Panel Upgrade (existing panel <200A)
CARE/FERA Customers
cover of the Heat Pump Water Heater Buyers Guide
Explore the  Buyer’s Guide to learn more about best practices in adding a heat pump water heater to your home.

Find a Contractor

While SVCE does not maintain a preferred contractor list, you may find contractors who participated in SVCE’s heat pump water heater pilot program within the Reservation Tracker below and contractors from other regional HPWH programs in the links below.

BayREN Contractor List | Palo Alto Contractor List

How the FutureFit Heat Pump Water Heater Program Works

1. Reserve a rebate. Submit a completed “Reservation Request” packet. SVCE approves application, reserves rebate for up to 90 days, and sends email confirming reservation.

2. Start the Project. Apply for a building permit, then install the necessary equipment.

3. Submit Rebate Request. After the project is installed and inspected by your local jurisdiction, submit a “Payment Request” packet.

4. Receive the rebate. Upon post-installation review, SVCE sends email notification. Rebate is paid and mailed to the customer or contractor, or split between them.

What is so special about a Heat Pump Water Heater?

Typical water heaters burn fossil fuels to warm water – but that is old news.  Heat Pump Water Heaters move heat from one place to another to warm water. Why is that so cool (pun intended)?  By moving existing heat, Heat Pump Water Heaters use clean electricity and are highly efficient, instead of burning natural gas, which pollutes homes and the environment.

As a customer of Silicon Valley Clean Energy, your new Heat Pump Water Heater will provide hot water to your sinks, showers and washing machines using electricity from carbon-free sources. Overall, this technology saves energy, improves safety and adds comfort!

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To learn how heat pump water heaters fit within a clean FutureFit home visit: www.svcleanenergy.org/electrify 

Additional Resources

– Energy Star – energystar.gov/products/water_heaters/heat_pump_water_heaters

– California Air Resources Board – arb.ca.gov/research/indoor/combustf.htm 

– Contractors State License Board – cslb.ca.gov