Your Community Impact

Choosing cleaner energy is making an impact within our communities. In addition to providing clean power and energy programs that reduce local pollution, customers benefit from on-bill savings and emissions reductions.

Fighting Climate Change

We are reducing the use of fossil fuels for electricity, transportation and buildings, and building new renewable energy projects. Resource locations

Accelerating Electric Technologies

As the electricity industry undergoes unparalleled changes, SVCE encourages the advancement of new technologies to help our community meet its climate goals.


SVCE returns value to our customers through competitive rates, clean energy programs, projects, scholarships, grants and improved access and education.

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$69 million in on-bill savings

With SVCE’s lower costs, customers have collectively saved more than $69 million since 2017. This amount is calculated from what customers would have paid for electricity without SVCE.

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24% reduction in overall community emissions from 2015

With a carbon-free electricity supply, 530 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions were avoided from being released into the atmosphere, resulting in an overall emission reduction of 24%.

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$1.6 billion commitment to new renewables and community programs

Investments in new solar+storage, wind and geothermal energy projects have exceeded $1.6 billion to supply reliable, renewable energy to customers and continue shifting California’s grid to clean sources. In addition, SVCE is reinvesting in our communities by providing local programs for residents and businesses to advance clean transportation and building electrification.

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$75,000 in grants to local non-profit organizations and $50,500 in education scholarships

SVCE awarded grant funding to local non-profits to collaborate on outreach to traditionally hard-to-reach and underserved residential customers. Education scholarships were awarded to local students participating in the Bike to the Future clean transportation competition, and grant funding is available for student organizations advancing environmental and climate awareness.

Expand your impact and switch to electric at home and on the road

There are so many things you can do today to make a big difference for our future. Use your clean energy to power your entire home, car and appliances. Save money and protect the earth.

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Accelerating clean energy in California

California has set aggressive energy storage targets for all electricity providers. For CCAs, like SVCE, this includes a mandate to deploy energy storage equivalent to 1% of its 2020 peak load or for SVCE, 7.5 megawatts. SVCE has committed to more than 120 MW of utility-scale storage, paired with solar alone, which is expected to come on-line by 2023. Additionally, SVCE continues to encourage the deployment of behind-the-meter storage at its customer’s sites.

SVCE is also providing more renewable energy than what is defined with the state’s goals. In 2020, California requires that energy providers procure 33% of their energy supply from renewable sources, gradually moving to 50% by 2030. SVCE is ahead of this target as well since 50% of our base energy supply comes from renewable sources.

Recurrent Energy’s Mustang solar photovoltaic project