Local Decarbonization

Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) is working with the community in reducing carbon emissions locally through electrification and innovation to create a FutureFit Silicon Valley. With the decarbonization strategy, SVCE expands its scope from providing clean electricity, to influence emission reductions from buildings and transportation.

The Decarbonization Strategy and Programs Roadmap was developed through extensive community input to guide SVCE’s programs to help the community with electrification, switching from polluting natural gas in homes, buildings and transportation to clean electricity and decarbonization, eliminating carbon emissions from our ways of life.

By 2030, Silicon Valley Clean Energy programs aim to cut energy-related pollution in half from the 2015 baseline. That would prevent 2 million metric tons of CO2e (which is a lot of harmful pollution) from being released into the environment each year! These efforts help create a more comfortable, efficient, and healthy future for Silicon Valley.

SVCE is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from 2015 baseline levels 30% by 2021, 40% by 2025 and 50% by 2030.

Strategies by Sector

Grid Integration, Power Supply and Efficiency

Silicon Valley Clean Energy is maximizing clean electricity utilization on the grid and with our power supply.  Our relationship with the grid has changed as distributed generation, such as solar, has grown and as technologies that manage energy use have evolved. We will leverage these resources to take advantage of using power when it’s the cheapest and cleanest.

In addition, to building new renewable energy projects and developing programs that help our customers optimize energy use, Silicon Valley Clean Energy aims to provide clean power offerings that go beyond traditional power sources at competitive rates for large corporate customers.

Silicon Valley Clean Energy partnered with Gridworks to assess five different virtual power plant options: Real Time Pricing, Peak Day Pricing, Demand Response Auction Mechanism, Load Shift Resource and Distribution Services Model. Operations were evaluated against SVCE’s criteria, including customer and community value, emissions reductions, scalability and transferability, equity in service, core role for SVCE, and viability and outlined in the paper Silicon Valley Clean Energy Virtual Power Plant Options Analysis linked below.


Silicon Valley Clean Energy is working to electrify transportation on all fronts because nearly 40% of Santa Clara County’s emissions come from transportation. Unlike conventional vehicles, which run on gasoline or diesel, electric vehicles are powered by clean electricity and produce no emissions. Silicon Valley Clean Energy plans on increasing adoption of electric vehicles and alternative modes of transportation to accelerate and transform how people get from place to place.


Change requires innovation. Innovation is incorporated within each of Silicon Valley Clean Energy’s programs to accelerate emissions reductions. SVCE is also focused on cultivating innovative ideas outside of our designated programs to embrace new ideas and technologies. Our community is centered in the nation’s innovation capitol, Silicon Valley, leveraging this community will help accelerate our decarbonization mission.

Silicon Valley Clean Energy is working with local partners, such as research institutions and startup incubators who are deeply embedded in the innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley. Through research, investing, and mentorship, these organizations help foster novel program ideas for carbon reduction, such as startups working on new solutions for transportation electrification, energy management and financing that will help our communities meet their sustainability goals.

Built Environment

Silicon Valley Clean Energy is ensuring that buildings and homes within our community are FutureFit for efficiency, comfort, and safety. SVCE is currently working on a Building Decarbonization Joint Action Plan that will be posted on this webpage when completed. Check out the programs focused on accelerating high-efficiency, all-electric new construction and retrofits.

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