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About Our Service

Building a Clean Energy Future in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) is redefining the local electricity market, providing our residents and businesses with new clean energy choices—renewable and carbonfree electricity at competitive rates. Thirteen communities in Santa Clara County govern SVCE, creating a community-owned agency. For these communities, SVCE is now your official electricity provider.  

We work in partnership with PG&E. We buy clean electricity direct from the source—encouraging the kind of market growth and competition that results in more renewable energy and lower energy generation rates. PG&E continues to deliver electricity over existing infrastructure, maintain power lines and provide customer service as they always have. Your bill continues to come from PG&E, with SVCE’s lower generation charges replacing those from PG&E.  

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Bringing Benefits to the Community

SVCE is a locally-controlled public agency, dedicated to providing benefits to our customers and community.

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GHG Reduction

Choosing carbon-free electricity is an easy and economical choice. It’s the single most effective and large-scale action our communities can take to curb emissions and combat climate change.


A True Choice

You now have a choice of more than one electricity provider, and new clean and competitively-priced energy services from which to choose.



As a Community Choice Energy agency, SVCE  is redefining the local energy market with new and competitive clean energy choices for all customers.


Local Investment

SVCE is a community-owned agency established to benefit participating communities. We reinvest net revenues to keep rates low, provide energy programs and promote local clean energy infrastructure.


Please watch and share the video below, which provides great background on SVCE to build community knowledge about the program.